Government Jobs

Alexander Forbes Group Administrator - JumpONJumpON plays a vital roles in advertising government jobs opportunities. In accordance with the Constitution and the Organised Local Government Act, 1997 (Act 52 of 1997), up to 10 part-time representatives may be designated to represent municipalities and participate in proceedings of the NCOP.

The Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs aims to build and strengthen the capability and accountability of provinces and municipalities.

The Constitution provides for three categories of municipality. There are 278 municipalities in South Africa, comprising eight metropolitan, 44 district and 226 local municipalities. They are focused on growing local economies and providing infrastructure and service.

As directed by the Constitution, the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, 1998 (Act 117 of 1998) contains criteria for determining when an area must have a category-A municipality (metropolitan municipalities) and when municipalities fall into categories B (local municipalities) or C (district municipalities).

The Act also determines that category-A municipalities can only be established in metropolitan areas. Metropolitan councils have single metropolitan budgets, common property ratings and service-tariff systems, and single-employer bodies.

Government Jobs always offers great variety of career opportunities.