Administration Clerk Jobs

  1. Altech NuPay Administration Clerk

    jumpadmin Jobs Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa

    The admin clerk is responsible for managing, storing and retrieving all types of files, folders, manual records, as well as creating new entries as required…

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    10 Aug 2016
  2. Stefanutti Stocks Administration Clerk

    jumpadmin Jobs Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa

    Successfully appointed candidate must performs a limited variety of clerical duties for functional groups involving compiling and arranging data, making standard computations, processing and coding documents…

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    8 Apr 2016
  3. Paarl Coldset is seeking to appoint an experienced Admin Clerk to join its Paarl Coldset Port Elizabeth team. The successful candidate will perform administrative duties for the…

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    23 Aug 2015
  4. The South African Police Services is again in a position to recruit 74 candidates to be part of the force as Administration Clerks provided they…

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    12 Aug 2015